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I encourage the muscular act of writing by hand. Write in all-caps block letters, or in upper and lower case, or in cursive script. Calligraphy or barely legible chicken-scratch are both okay. Experience the intimate connections from the mind/spirit to the hand, and from there to the pen. In fact, I prefer a pencil with its handy little pink eraser, as a reminder that the writing is not engraved in stone. The pen can be a $1,470,600 diamond-studded Montblanc or a humble disposable BIC; the pencil can be a high-end precision mechanical drafting tool or a good old yellow No. 2 Dixon Ticonderoga. From that pen(cil) the ink or graphite flows onto the paper, small or large, lined or unlined, plain or fancy. But cheaper than envelopes and stamps and easier than finding an endangered mailbox,  email me and attach a PDF file of your handwritten pages. We can have a cyber-conversation.